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Ruth grew up in Germany and was a water baby all her life. She started diving in the Med nearly 40 years ago. After completing her studies to be a translator in English and French she worked in an office for a couple of years. However, this wasn’t her life and she decided she wanted to travel and dive and became a PADI Instructor. Speaking fluent German, English and French was a valuable asset and she worked in dive centers in the Red Sea, the Caribbean, Florida, Thailand, Turkey, and the Seychelles Islands.
In 1992 Ruth made the big step to become a PADI Course Director and shortly after she started to work for PADI as an Instructor Examiner and Regional Manager. Travelling around the world examining Instructor candidates was a great learning experience but she missed teaching which is her real passion.
Since returning to teaching in 1998, Ruth has instructed about one thousand PADI Instructors and she still loves teaching Open Water Courses.

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