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Aleksandra Ivanovic

Sashka was looking for the escape from her stressful office job in Serbia where she was working as a financial analyst and stock broker. Swimming, free diving and scuba diving where her favorite stress relief activities since the childhood. After one of her diving trips to Sharm el Sheikh, 2003 she has decided to make giant stride to her new carrier and to become diving professional. She became dive master 2004, moved permanently to Sharm El Sheikh and never looked back.

Since then she made more than 10.000 dives in the Red Sea and issued more than 600 PADI certificates of all levels. Some say that she could teach cat to dive. Sashka can easily adjust each course to every student needs while strictly following all standards and procedures. Children are her favorite students.

Sashka is always saying that scuba diving is as vast as the ocean and that we are continuously learning with each dive. Her mentors are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people from the diving industry including Dr.Adel Taher, member of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame, who trained her to became dive medic and chamber operator.  Her work on self improvement is never ending and she is always happy to share her knowledge and experience with her students, guests, colleges….and pretty much anyone willing to listen.

Serbian is her mother tongue. She speaks English fluently and she can efficiently communicate on Russian.

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