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Anthias Divers is open for business

After a prolonged surface interval, we are open and ready to take you scuba diving after Corona Virus!

At Anthias Divers, the health and safety of our customers and staff has always been our primary concern.  COVID-19 has caused us to make some adjustments to ensure that we are reducing the risk of viral infections, in line with Egyptian and international guidance.  

Training from National and International Experts

Many of our team have received training on COVID-19 from experts at Professional Association Diving Instructors (PADI) and the Divers Alert Network (DAN).  This training has covered medical concerns, equipment and personal hygiene, social distancing requirements above and below water and other topics specific to scuba diving.

Staff Training

We have put together staff training and diver information to enable us to resume limited organised diving and training.  It is mandatory for all our staff to have completed this training regardless of their role at Anthias Divers.

Your Role in Helping to Keep Us All Safe

If you are diving with us or attending a course, then you have your part to play too. We will ask you to complete a form accepting our terms and conditions related to COVID-19 protective measures and agreeing to follow the precautions.  This is to help to protect you, your fellow divers and us.  

Please also be mindful of following social distancing guidelines and hand sanitising to prevent the spread of infection. 

bring your own reusable facemasks, reusable water bottle, reusable cutlery and cup with you.

We ask, where possible to bring your own reusable facemasks, reusable water bottle, reusable cutlery and cup with you.

If you, or someone in your household, is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, or has tested positive, you should not attend any of our activities or premises for at least 14 days.

Medical Evaluation for Training and Diving

Where possible, we will issue you with relevant e-forms for you to complete before arriving at our dive centre. Any diving activity will include a COVID-19 specific health questionnaire in addition to usual RSTC/PADI Medical Statement. “Yes” on the medical form will require you to get the written approval of a medical doctor before you to join us in the water. Kindly note that we cannot give any advice on medical symptoms or conditions, other than refer you to a suitably qualified expert.

Equipment Hygiene

We always use proper hygiene measures to make sure that the equipment we rent to customers is cleaned after use. These processes have now been strengthened to make sure that we meet the latest guidelines on killing COVID-19. Where possible, we strongly recommend that all divers have their own snorkel and mask. We clean all rental equipment before and after use according to recommendations from equipment manufacturers, PADI and DAN. This is to prevent cross-contamination between clean and “unclean” equipment and between individual divers.

Social distance like a dolphin when scuba diving after corona

Social Distancing

We will follow recommended social distancing procedures above water where possible. However, remember that SCUBA masks and regulators provide us with very robust Personal Protective Equipment. Social distancing is not required while underwater.

It will be a little different scuba diving after Corona Virus; but there is nothing to fear and the diving will be better than ever after the Red Sea’s little holiday.

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