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The Dive Sites

Ras Mohammad National Park

Located around 12 km from the city of Sharm El Sheikh the Ras Mohammed National park is home to numerous world class dive sites. Established in 1983 by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) the park was also established to protect urban sprawl from Sharm and other coastal development.

The name literally means “Mohammad’s Head”. It is said that you can see the profile of Mohammad at certain angles when looking at the cliffs above Shark Observatory.

‘Ras Mo’, as it is called locally, is a day trip from the jetty at Travco and usually takes around 50-60 minutes to reach the southern most dive sites at Shark & Yolanda Reef (depending on boat). After a dive or two here we normally moor up in Marsa Bareika for lunch before either our 3rd dive or heading back to the jetty.

Ras Mohammed’s stunning rugged beauty and fabulous reefs make this a must see for everyone. Top dive sites include Shark & Yolanda Reef, Jackfish Ally and Ras Ghozlani. See map on the left for descriptions.

A day trip to the Ras Mohammad National Park requires the payment of park fees – currently 6 Euro – which will be added to your bill.

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